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Help us deliver fresh clean drinking water.

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Help us deliver fresh clean drinking water.

Donate $25 per month to support a elementary school with clean water.

Nourishing your body during a race is essential!

Start time is near...

I know when I race I wouldn't drink dirty water.

Total Body Fitness is delivering clean water for CHILDREN.

Everyday a children suffer needlessly from disease like diarrhea, dehydration or worms because of polluted drinking water. Most often its the only water available for them to drink.

Total Body Fitness is looking for your help.

By supporting our official charity Maria & Joseph's Ministry to the Poor (MJMP) we can install a water system capable of producing over 4000 gallons of fresh clean drinking water per day.

For only $25 per month you will be supporting an elementary school with fresh clean water.

Join Total Body Fitness Giving Back program, and help us eliminate polluted water in school.

We realize sick children don't go to school, sick children don't excel in learning, sick children add a burden on families and need special care.

You wouldn't drink polluted water... donate today so they don't have too!

Make that donation now and help bring fresh drinking water to a needy child.

A small Filipino Elementary School in Javier, Leyte Philippines.

TBF Supported: 4,000 gallon per day RO Water Filtration System.